The Fox Performing Arts Center - Revitalizing Riverside's Cultural Scene

Nov 14, 2023

The Stunning Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside

The Fox Performing Arts Center, located in Riverside, California, is a true gem that has been captivating audiences since its grand opening. This historic theater offers a wide range of high-quality performances, turning Riverside into an artistic hub for locals and visitors alike.

Rich History and Cultural Significance

The Fox Performing Arts Center holds a special place in Riverside's history and culture. Originally built in 1929 as a movie palace, it has been meticulously restored to retain its original charm and elegance. The iconic art deco architecture, ornate detailing, and opulent interior transport visitors to a bygone era of sophistication.

A Venue for Spectacular Performances

The Fox Performing Arts Center proudly hosts a diverse range of performances, including musicals, plays, concerts, dance shows, and more. Each show is carefully curated to ensure an unforgettable experience for all attendees. The venue's state-of-the-art acoustics and excellent sightlines make every seat in the house a prime location.

Enjoy World-Class Entertainment

Visitors to the Fox Performing Arts Center can enjoy a multitude of world-class performances. From Broadway hits and classical music concerts to contemporary dance shows and stand-up comedy acts, there's something to suit all tastes. The variety of shows ensures that everyone can find an event that piques their interest.

The Fox Performing Arts Center - A Cultural Haven

Riverside has long been known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, and the Fox Performing Arts Center plays a crucial role in its revitalization. The theater brings in renowned artists and performers, adding to the city's cultural richness. Its presence not only entertains but also inspires local talent, making it a breeding ground for creativity and artistic expression.

Preserving and Celebrating Heritage

Preserving the rich heritage of the Fox Performing Arts Center is of utmost importance. The meticulous restoration efforts have reinstated its original glory, allowing new generations to experience its grandeur firsthand. The venue's historical significance is celebrated through special events and tours, providing insights into its architectural magnificence and the stories it carries within its walls.

The Economic Impact of the Fox Performing Arts Center

The Fox Performing Arts Center not only contributes to Riverside's cultural landscape but also has a significant economic impact. The influx of visitors attending shows stimulates local businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, and shops. It creates job opportunities, boosts tourism, and enhances the overall prosperity of the community.

Plan Your Visit to the Fox Performing Arts Center

If you're looking for a memorable cultural experience, the Fox Performing Arts Center should be at the top of your list. With its diverse lineup of performances and exquisite ambiance, it promises an evening of enchantment. Visit our website at to explore upcoming events, purchase tickets, and learn more about this magnificent venue.


The Fox Performing Arts Center stands as an iconic representation of Riverside's rich history and vibrant cultural scene. With its stunning architecture, superb performances, and positive economic impact, it continues to shape the city's identity and serves as a source of inspiration for generations to come. Make a date with the Fox Performing Arts Center and immerse yourself in the magic of artistic expression.